The Zaccheus Foundation (Continued)

venture, but it would have limited potential for growth because it would always be dependant on donations alone. The Zaccheus Foundation's poten-tial sustainability is what makes it unique. Once students qualify and start working, they are required to contribute a percentage of their income back into the Foundation. This gives the graduates the dignity of creating opportunities for others.

Along with their financial contributions, graduates are also encouraged to

Levels of Support and filtering to sift the youth of our community.

As they educate, empower and equip, they desire to have the means to move a select group forward; giving them greater and greater opportunity along with increasing responsibility & challenges to overcome.

This 'Learning by Doing' approach has been extremely successful.

We believe that by doing this within the context of the community, home and family; the transformation has been much more permanent and complete.

volunteer as mentors. Further down the line, when graduates become more influential in their workplace or start their own businesses, they might be able to assist with providing work experience too.

If our definition of success is accurate, then the Zaccheus Foundation not only provides students with resources to study, but also the opportunity to be truly successful by helping others who are in the same situation they once expe-rienced.

Kuyasa Youth Residential Campus

Kuyasa 's mission is to empower children and youth of previously disadvantaged communities to become independent while embracing Christian values. The dream is that they will lead and empower others to follow the same set of values.

Community Transformation Model:

Kuyasa is using a system of 6 separate



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